10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, people seem to be a bit impatient. They forget that they also took 5-6 years or more than that to gain the same weight. Along with this, a lot of bad eating habits with various other factors have been added to their lifestyle resulting in poor health.

People expect to lose weight overnight and get slim like anything.

I am sorry, but there is no magic pill that I can suggest or prescribe.

As already mentioned in one of the previous blogs, It is a journey from being fat to fit.

Ask yourself honestly, for how long you have been living an unfit and unhealthy lifestyle?

Now give at least half of that time and determination to achieve your results.

We only need to correct few things and have to be patient to get desired results.

People often share with me that they work out regularly but are not able to lose weight. Now the question is….What actually are they doing wrong?

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I have found 10 main reasons why do people not lose weight in spite of a good workout

1. Excess Carbs Intake

Regular workout doesn’t permit you to eat in excess. If you are an active individual who works out for 4-5 days a week, would have a good metabolic rate, would tend to feel hungry quite often. So your meals should be divided into 5-6 meals per day.

Carbohydrates are required to get a constant energy supply in the body but surplus of the same gets converted into fat. So, keep in mind the portion size (quantity) and replace your simple carbs intake (Refined wheat flour eatables, white rice, sugar, canned juice, soda etc) with complex carbs intake (whole grain, brown rice, nuts, fruits, vegetables, beans etc). Whole grains are much more filling than their processed counterparts as they are high in fiber content.

A low Carb diet will certainly support you in rapid weight loss.

2. Not Cutting on Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth and you consume sweets every day in any form then you should be aware of the fact that sugar travels faster in our blood steam and spikes our insulin resulting in deposition of fat layer. So please avoid sugar in any form either solid or liquid.

3. Aerated Drinks/ Soda Drinks/Canned Juice

Stay away from soft drinks, canned juices, soda drinks as they contain high amount of sugar which goes to your blood and spike the insulin level resulting in increase of weight. These drinks are to be avoided at any cost as you don’t get any nutrition out of the same.

Avoiding sugary drinks can make a huge impact and gives you faster results.

4. Junk Food/Fast Food is Your Weakness

Fast food is the weakness of most of the people and while going out they always prefer to try something new in this category.

In India, lately, fast food has emerged as the tradition. Chhole bhature, Pav Bahji, Aalo Poori, Paranthe loaded with butter prevails in breakfast category at our Indian homes. These foods are really high in bad fats (Saturated and Trans) which cause serious health issues starting from obesity to cholesterol, high BP, heart blockage etc.

5. Lack of Protein

If you are looking for weight loss/fat loss then inadequate supply of protein to your body can stagnate your journey of fat loss. So make sure you have a proper feed of protein to your body.

Researches have shown that people who eat required amount of protein while shredding get good results.

Your daily Macro Breakdown should be

Protein: Carbs: Fats Ratio

For Fat Loss:

P: 50%, C: 30% F: 20%

For Muscle Building

P: 30%, C: 50% F: 20%

6. Ignoring Sleep

Now a days people are addicted to social media and constantly check their phone every now and then. During this process of becoming so called social they sacrifice their sleep which is a hazard in any of your goal (weight loss/fat loss, muscle building or overall fitness).

Lack of sleep can result in obesity and stop your weight loss progress.

You need to have a sleep of minimum 7-8 hours every night.

7. Booze (Weekend Parties)

Weekend parties are a big culture in today’s fast paced lives and people enjoy their evening with their drinks.

Most of drinks have high calorie content and people do ignore the fact which is why they are not losing weight. Try to cut down your alcohol consumption as soon as possible.

8. Water Intake

I always give emphasis on good water intake if you are trying to shred weight. Proper water consumption will help in melting your fat and save you from cramps and joint problems.

You should at least have water intake of at least 3 litres a day.

9. Not Eating Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and everyone should include these in their daily diet. Lots of vitamins and minerals are present which are required for proper functioning of body and brain. Along with the same fruits and vegetables are high in fiber which helps in weight loss.

10. Not Tracking Daily Calories

A track of daily calories is essential for you to achieve the desired weight. You should be in caloric deficit in order to lose your weight. You can try a weighing machine and calorie calculator to trace your daily calories.

Caloric deficit of 300-500 can be considered appropriate for weight loss.

I would recommend you to maintain a journal or sheet to have a count of your calories.


There are “N” numbers of factors responsible for weight loss and of course, your lifestyle plays a key role. Try to add some healthy eating habits every week to bring a transformation you desire for. Weight loss is never an impossible task. We just need to balance few things which will yield us good results. Comment below for more tips on weight loss/ fat loss, health, and fitness.

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