7 Common Mistakes of Beginners at Gym

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about fitness or starting a fitness journey?

Exercise? Diet? Gym?

Amongst all these, hitting the gym every day is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds.

Do you also think about Gym as the first step towards your fitness journey?

Starting a fitness journey is always a dream of most of busy professionals. For the same quest, a lot of people take membership of gyms to achieve their desired physique.

Are you also planning to start your fitness journey this soon?

If yes, then this article would really help you to achieve your individual fitness goals. You will also get to know about the most common mistakes that one should avoid as a beginner at the gym.

No Goal

The first most common mistake as a beginner done by most people is having NO GOAL. A lot of people join a gym and start their fitness journey without having any particular goal for them.

What will you work towards if you don’t have any target to attain?

Therefore, it is really important to decide on a goal before starting your fitness journey. Your goal can be anything like fat loss, muscle gain, inch loss, etc. The benefit of having a goal is that it keeps you focused, you know what to achieve, you have a direction to move towards, etc.

Incorrect Form

The incorrect form is one of the usual blunders performed by most of the beginners at the gym. This happens because for 2 reasons. The first reason is- trying to lift heavy and copying fellows at the gym. The second reason is- not to consult enough with the trainers and get the form corrected.

Lifting weights with correct form is more important than lifting heavyweights. A lightweight can create more tension in the muscle and award superior results if lifted with correct form.  If the form of your exercise is inaccurate, then it may cause serious injuries and keep you deprived of the desired outcome as well. So, always focus on the correct form of the exercise to get the maximum benefit and to prevent yourself from injuries

Taking Advice From Everyone

Most of the beginners who start going to the gym get impressed with everyone who has a good physique and asking for advice. During this process, they get a lot of advice from many people and get confused about which one to follow. They try to follow everything that others have told them instead of focusing on 1 thing.

You shouldn’t take advices from everyone who has a good physique because a good physique can’t be a parameter of good knowledge. So always focus on basics and try to learn the basics of workout and nutrition rather than asking for some random advice. A bad advice can do more harm than any good.

Choosing a Wrong Workout Partner

Choosing the right workout partner is as important as choosing the right trainer for yourself. Many people choose to work out with a person who is altogether on a different level of lifting weights or performing exercises. They think that it will benefit them as they can also get to their level soon. But it is not true at all.

 If you are a beginner then you should choose to exercise with a beginner who has the same training, experience, and strength. Or you can choose to work out alone than working out with a different level of the individual. If you will be working out with a partner of a higher level then there might be a chance of lifting with incorrect form and getting injured.

Choosing Wrong Weights

A lot of people don’t only lift weights in the gym, they also try to lift their egos through weight. Always lift weights according to your own capability and strength. Lifting heavy with improper form may result in serious injury and you can get bedridden for a long.

So better to focus on progressive overload (gradual increase of load on your muscles) which will help you develop good from and strength in time.

Focusing More on Supplements

Supplements are never a shortcut for building a good physique or losing fat from the body. A lot of beginners go after a stack of supplements to achieve their desired body and forgetting about the basics of workout, nutrition, rest, sleep, and hydration.

Supplements are basically the add-ons/ support for the situation when you are not able to fulfill your nutrient requirements from the real food. As a beginner, you should try to focus more on real food, clean eating, water intake, prioritizing your sleep and rest. All this will give you better results than focusing only on supplements.

According to me, supplements are always be introduced at least after 6 months of training and that too if required (when you are not able to get your nutrients from real food).


Last but not the least is impatience.

Whether you are on a muscle-building journey or fat loss journey, patience is always required to attain your goal. Fitness is never a one-time game or a few months trend, it’s about building a lifestyle, and building a healthy lifestyle always takes effort and time.

A lot of beginners are in a hurry to get results and in the same pursuit, many of them end up getting into a trap of the steroids cycle for short-term gain. But remember one thing…… the short-term results are mostly disastrous. So, avoid getting confined for short-lived returns rather focus on building a lifestyle that should be worth pursuing.  


Getting fit or accomplishing your fitness goals is never difficult if you focus on long-term results.  I am sure the above 7 points will definitely help you in reaching your desired destination of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Comment below and let me know if you have any other points to share as a common mistake to avoid for the beginners to keep in mind.

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