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Meet the man behind GS Nutrifitness

Gaurav sharma

He is a

Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant (ISSA, USA)

Gaurav's Journey

Gaurav has been a fitness enthusiast since teenage and later it got converted into a passion. He is a professional nutritionist for 3 years and also a Yoga practitioner for the last 6 years.

He further developed his passion by reading a lot of studies and researches on fitness and nutrition. His love and passion for health and fitness made him initiate his own enterprise “ GS Nutrifitness ”.

In the same pursuit, Gaurav had gone ahead and done various certifications in nutrition. To serve his clients better, he keeps on improving his knowledge by enrolling in the best fitness and nutrition programs. 

Being a nutritionist, he motivates people to eat clean and be healthy not just from outside but inside as well (disease-free).

Gaurav's Mission

Gaurav’s mission is to impact 1 million lives by improving their fitness levels so that they can have a better relationship with their work and family. 

He helps busy professionals to achieve their fat loss/weight loss goals and boost their fitness level without gym and fad diets so that they have more energy throughout the day which can help them increase their productivity at work.

Gaurav's Achievements

Gaurav has been actively engaged with a lot of people and helping them in achieving their individual goals of weight loss, fat loss, muscle building & overall transformation. 

He wants to serve the community by helping people in achieving a healthy and disease-free life.

He has transformed the lives of hundreds of people till date. 

He has clients from all over India as well as abroad.

He has already been into various one to one Online Sessions over diverse topics with other fitness enthusiasts.

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