Carb Cycling – Fastest Way to Lose Weight

In my last blog, I talked about 7 quick tips to lose weight. One of the most effective processes to lose fat or weight is CARB CYCLING.

While planning for weight loss, I am sure you must have come across various articles about carb cycling which probably have loaded you with a lot of technical terms. So let me explain the same in a very simple and laymen’s language.

As we all know that Carbohydrates are one of the most essential Macros in our daily diet which provides energy to the whole body. It is present in most of the foods you eat daily like chapati, bread, banana, rice, pulses, potato etc.

Now, What is CARB (carbohydrates) CYCLING?

Carb (Carbohydrates) cycling is the fluctuation of your carbohydrate intake in order to reduce the fat from your body. It is the best method to reach to your goal of weight loss or fat loss easily. It is followed by high, medium, low or no carbs intake for days.

To understand it better, you should know the process of fat storage in our body.

Let me first tell you how our body stores fat and how we burn that?

How our body store fat?

Fat means stored energy. When you eat carbs, it gets broken down into glucose. This glucose travels through our blood in the whole body. You either burn that glucose through energy or some form of exercise or your body stores it in muscle glycogen. You can call it as backup energy.

The backup energy is stored in your glycogen tank which is present somewhere near to your abdomen area. When you do not exercise or do not perform any physical activity, it keeps on getting stored in the glycogen tank only.

Suppose you have taken 4 meals in a day and all are high carbohydrate meals which means you had an overdose of carbs. So, carbs will go to the glycogen tank in the form of glucose but there is a limit to the stored energy or backup energy or glycogen tanks like any other storage tank or cabinet. When you repeat the process of carbs intake day on day, week on week, or month on month then there will be a time when your glycogen tank gets full and the spillover of the glucose starts.


Now your glycogen tank is full, you didn’t work out so energy or calories aren’t burning. You keep on consuming carbs. The tank gets full and now the glucose won’t go to the tank.

Where would it go?

This extra glucose would be converted into fat.

The process goes on the same way……….. Your fat cells would keep on increasing and your stomach would keep on expanding ……….. Your stomach layer would keep on getting thickened. Your body fat percentage would keep on increasing from 15% to 20%..25%..30%….35%  and so on.

Actually, the people who are obese or overweight consume more carbohydrates in the form of Chapati, Rice, Potato, Bread etc. without burning and the process goes on for a month on month, year on year.

People who work out, they deplete the muscle glycogen and refill it by consuming carbs and the process goes on.

How will you deplete the glycogen tank?

How will you burn the stored fat

Basically, you need to manage your carbs intake in each meal of the day. For example-

Meal 1 of the day- No Carbs/Low Carbs

High protein, Low Carbs, High Fat (healthy fat)

Meal 2 of the day- No Carbs/Low Carbs

High protein, Low Carbs, High Fat (healthy fat)

Meal 3 of the day- High Carbs

Low protein, High Carbs, Low/Moderate Fat (healthy fat)

Meal 4 of the day- No Carbs/Low Carbs

High protein, Low Carbs, High Fat (healthy fat)

Meal 5 of the day- High Carbs

Low protein, High Carbs, Low/Moderate Fat (healthy fat)

The same way, you can fix the carb cycling days like low carb days, moderate carb days and high carb days.

The above example will vary from person to person and depends on the weight of the man or woman.

Repeat the whole process for 4-6 weeks and then track the progress.

So, here when we have stopped the carbs supply or reduce the carbs supply.


The body will take energy from the stored fat and burns the same. The whole process gets reversed and glycogen starts depleting.

Also, maintain a journal to keep a track of your weekly or 10 days progress and based on the same alter your carb cycle.


 Hope the above article will help you in achieving your desired weight. Start it today and let me know your progress. Will help you in wherever you get stuck. Leave a comment below and share your experience. Subscribe for regular updates on health, nutrition and fitness.

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