How to Get Rid of Love Handles?

People have been trying to find out a solution for their most common problem i.e. weight loss. In this quest, the internet is flooded with infinite questions regarding this issue.

You can’t disagree to the fact that out of 100 people 98 want to lose ONLY BELLY FAT.

Well, the most common question I have come across is how to lose belly fat?

The second most common question is how to get rid of love handles or side belly fat?

In this post I would answer the second common question and some parts of the same would apply to the first query as well. Also, it is really important to understand that spot reduction is not at all possible. You can’t simply lose love handles without losing fat from other parts of the body.

So how to get rid of love handles?

Though the name is Love Handles but nobody loves to have it.

Right ?

As per my experience, nutrition and is the key and you consistently need to be in caloric deficit for losing body fat. Below are some tricks I had applied to get rid of my love handles along with fat from other parts of my body and got the exceptional results out of it.

1. Eat More Greens

Yes, add a bowl of greens 20 minutes before your meal to your diet daily. The benefit of the same is you get lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber which makes you feel full for longer which eventually helps in saving you on eating more calories.

You can add Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, kale etc.

2. Salad Bowl

Along with greens also add a bowl of salad in your food menu. You can easily have cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion, radish and beetroot.

Believe me greens and salad taste so good that you can have it twice a day as well without bothering about calories.

You will definitely be able to lower down your quantity of main meals after having 2 bowls of greens and raw vegetables.

3. Exercises/Workout

Along with your nutrition, you can add few exercises to speed up the process of losing love handles. The combination of good workout and nutrition can do wonders and help you in achieving your desired body shape.

The addition of high intensity workout and resistance training can surely be helping you burn more calories which will eventually help you lose fat from overall. Side planks, wood chopper, Russian twist, bicycle crunches, weighted side bends etc. are good exercises to develop your abdominal muscles and strong core but there is no such evidence found that these obliques exercises can help you lose fat from love handles as body loses fat overall. 

4. Eat Lean and Eat Clean

Clean eating is really important if you want good results in time.

Eat lean protein and consume at least 1.5 to 2 gms/kg body weight for fat loss gaol . Eat lean protein like egg whites, whey protein, chicken breast etc. Protein helps in keeping your muscles intact and increase the body metabolism which assists in fat loss.

Believe me, the combination of clean and lean (protein) will give you inevitable outcome.

5. Stay Away From Junk

Yes, stay away from junk for many reasons. Overloading of junk food leads to obesity and many health problems like diabetes, joint pains, and heart diseases as well. To be precise, lowering down the consumption of pizza, burger, donuts, deep fried food etc. is highly needed to lose your side belly fat as these are calorie dense (non nutritious) foods.

6. Liquid Sugar

Beware of liquid calories. We usually don’t realize that canned juices, cola drinks, thick shakes and soda drinks are really high in calories. You can’t imagine that the amount of sugar in these drinks is way higher than your daily recommended sugar intake.

These drinks may spike your insulin and contribute to fast weight gain. Avoid Soda drinks, aerated drinks, packed juices, artificial heavy sugar smoothies etc. Instead go for normal water, black coffee, green tea, coconut water, fresh fruits and vegetable juices. You just need to find a balance between clean and flexible eating. You can have your favorite drinks or food if your calories are under control. 

7. Say Bye to Weekend Parties

If you are really interested in leading a healthy lifestyle then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. Weekend parties’ culture is really common these days and people think that this is the best way to get rid of the whole week’s burden and stress. But unfortunately, these celebrations are also one of the main reasons in your weight gain.

Boozing is really regular in these gatherings and then heavy eating which contributes to higher calories resulting in fatty belly.

It’s ok to enjoy and have these kinds of get-together once in a while but say goodbye to weekend jollification.

Final Words

It’s not impossible to follow the above steps rather these are the easy adaptations to make your life better. Caloric deficit must be followed with each step to get faster and better results.  Eat clean, eat healthy, eat nutritious. Comment below if you feel any difficulty in following the above steps. I will help you out.

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