How to Lose Weight and Get Back in Shape After Diwali or Festival

We all love festivals and celebrate the same with lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

Diwali being one of the most special festivals in India, people don’t leave any stone unturned to celebrate it with the most happening way.

Along with celebrating Diwali with crackers, Sweets, Namkeens, Cold drinks, nuts, dry fruits, fried and outside food, they leave nothing for any other day.

Most of the people keep their fitness goals aside for these 3-4 days and eat like there is no tomorrow.

It’s alright to enjoy the delicious food and satisfy your cravings during the festival time but this doesn’t mean overeating or large portion of meals or constantly having junk meal every time.

Also, you should have a plan to get back to your fitness routine or get back to the shape.

But, how to start?

Which plan to follow?

How to shred those extra pounds?

Below are the 6 best ways to lose weight and get back in shape post festival.

1. Detoxification

It is really important to flush out all the toxins from your body through detox method. A lot of toxins and free radicals entered your body because of pollution and dirt during Diwali.

Add Vitamin C rich foods and high antioxidant foods to your diet to keep your immune system healthy as you have been encountered with a lot of pollution and dirt during the celebration (fireworks) of Diwali.

Also, food adulteration is very common during the festival period specially in case of sweets so It becomes all the more important to start detoxification of your body.

There are many detox methods which can be considered for the same. You can simply do lemon detox wherein you need to put 1 lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and have it early morning after waking up. You can try other methods as well like Apple Cider Vinegar, Cucumber, Ginger, Basil (Tulsi), Turmeric etc.

2. Fresh Fruit Juice or Vegetable Juice

Now, you already have eaten lot of junk, sweets, fried food, soda drinks etc and this is the time to supply back some nutrients to the body by adding fruit and vegetable juices.

You will get a lot of essential vitamins and minerals through fruits and vegetables for good functioning of internal organs.

3. Stay Away From Junk and Sweets

So, as Diwali is over but there is a huge possibility of having a lot of sweets and junk as leftover at your home but you need to keep in mind that the celebration days are over and you have to get back to your fitness routine.

We tend to have a habit of finishing the leftover especially when it is sweets.

Most of the people have a habit of eating something sweet after lunch and dinner meal and when you have it readily available (as you get sweets in large quantity during the festival time) you don’t shy to consume a piece of sweet after your meal which eventually contributes to your weight gain.

So have a plan ready for weight loss post festival and be firm on the same.

4. Eat Greens and Salad

Eat greens and salad as much as possible to lose the extra pounds which you have gained during Diwali.

The benefit of eating salad are having lot of fiber in your diet which makes you feel full, low in calorie content and rich in vitamins and minerals.

I would advise you to add at least a plate of salad with greens before 20 mins of having your main meal. You can easily add Cucumber, tomato, carrots, Onion, bell peppers, Spinach, lettuce to your salad plate.

5. Stick to Low Calorie Meals

In order to keep your metabolism humming, just stick to low calorie meals with 5-6 times a day.

To keep your meals low in calorie as well as high in fiber, add some luscious veggies like bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms to each meal.

The benefit of having small and frequent meals is that you won’t have high craving for food and get saved from adding junk and high calorie meals in your diet.

Also, add protein rich food along with the veggies as Protein also helps you to feel full for long.

6. Drink Up

There’s no doubt that water is probably the most important thing we have to ingest.

During the festival we get busy with the preparations that makes us exhausted and out of energy which is very usual. So keep yourself hydrated to flux out the toxins which you have absorbed due to fried food (Trans fat) and pollution.

Also, water has numerous benefits and helps in losing you weight as well.


It’s alright to enjoy the festival in the same spirit as others do but don’t ignore your health and fitness goals. It’s not really difficult to get back in shape after overloading of junk, sweets and full fat foods throughout the festival time. You should have a plan ready for weight loss and good implementation strategy post festival. The above 7 points will certainly help you in forming a good strategy for your weight loss later Diwali. Please let me know from your comments if this article really helps.


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