How to Lose Weight with 10 Daily Habits

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The most important thing that I have learned in my fitness journey is self-improvement. It’s always better to start with small ones rather than dumping your big goals in the middle.

Easy habits will definitely compound to SIGNIFICANT changes. The below list will ensure that how you can lose weight with only 10 daily habits. You can start IMMEDIATELY with these habits and notice a positive impact on your life.

1. Playing With Your Kid or Pet

It’s always a good habit to at least play an outdoor game no matter if you are 40 or 50 years old. There are multiple advantages of playing outdoor games as it helps you feel better, lifts up your mood, lowers down stress level, and keeps you fit not just from outside but inside as well.

One of the great ideas to keep yourself fit is to play (outdoor) with your kids or pet which will burn calories and lead to weight loss.

Cricket, football, tennis, etc. can be played which requires a noticeable effort to move your body and would help you sweat out.

2. Climb the Stairs

Lots of people are only wishing to reach certain heights in life but you need to really climb up for the same. Treat weight loss as a destination and put all your efforts and climb up the stairs of success. If you have the option then you should always opt for the same instead of using the elevator. Use stairs frequently which will definitely help you in reaching your destination.

3. Commit to 15-20 Minutes

This should not be a big deal. I am sure it’s not. Commit at least 15 to 20 minutes to your exercise. Whatever works for you, be it lifting of weights, running, jogging, rope skipping, yoga, brisk walk etc. Small habits lead to a BIG change.

Incorporate this habit into your life and you will definitely witness the change in yourself not just from outside but inside as well.

Make a little effort today so that you can become the absolute best version of yourself tomorrow.

4. Household Chores (twice or thrice a week)

It would be a good exercise if you can spare some time on weekends to do some of your household chores like sweeping and washing clothes which will help you shed certainly some amount of weight. This comes with two-in-one benefits as you will be able to finish your household chores and burn some amount of calories.

5. Get Yourself Grooving

Dancing may not be your hobby but if it can kill your stubborn fat then why can’t you shake your legs. It’s not a bad deal at all. This will cheer your mood and also make you a good dancer sooner or later. No matter how bad you dance but if it can elevate your mood (I am sure it can) and relieve some of your stress then you must dance. You can consider the no. of calories burnt as your bonus.

6. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can also be a great idea to reduce some calories. While going out shopping try to park your vehicle as far as possible. This will add thousands of steps to your day which will eventually lead to weight loss (if done regularly).

7. Gardening

Not everybody has the privilege of having a beautiful garden in their home but if you have a beautiful garden or lawn in your house then maintaining the same is a wise idea for again shredding some calories. You can cut the grass, watering the plants and manure the same.

8. Healthy Food Swaps

This is one of the most important habits to include in your daily life which will certainly give you a long-term benefit. You should choose to replace unhealthy food and drinks with healthy ones.

For example: Add coconut water or buttermilk instead of sugary drinks or aerated drinks. Replace refined food with whole-grain food. Change fried with baked or boiled. Substitute your junk with veggies and fruits.

You will notice a great change in yourself by embracing these habits in your daily routine.

9. Balance Your Plate

Tracking calories may be a tedious task for you but whenever you are eating, make sure you have protein, carbs, and healthy fats (unsaturated fats) on your plate. The addition of veggies will do wonders so make sure you always prefer to have lots of veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs along with healthy fats.

10. 7-9 Hours of Sleep

Researches have also shown that sleep-deprived people are unhealthy as it leads to stress, weight gain, and finally diseases. So make sure you should have 7-9 hours of sound sleep every day to protect your body from ill-health.


Weight loss is not a difficult task or destination to achieve. You just need to make some changes in your routine and success will follow. Though your eating habits will contribute to a significant change but the above habits will certainly help you in starting your weight loss journey in an easy way.

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