How to Maintain Physique During Vacation

Holidaying is always fun and mostly everyone enjoys travelling to various destinations to relax, enjoy and take a break from regular monotony.

But a lot of fitness freaks or gym-goers are afraid of long breaks or vacations. It’s difficult for them to keep themselves away from gym for more than 2-3 days as they feel that all the gains or progress will go in vain.

And, some people are afraid of getting the fat back if they stop training for a week.

Surprisingly, it’s not true.

Yes, it’s not true.

Now the question is how is maintain your body during vacation?

If you have been training for long then you should definitely take breaks to relax and recover your muscles.

Being distant from gym for 3-4 days make you feel that you have lost quite a muscle but believe me that it won’t really hamper your muscle gains either.

If you are still not convinced and want to be on the same track then I would like to highlight few points which will help you in keeping your muscles and progress intact on vacations.

1. Try to Stick With 3-4 Meals

It’s quite natural when we travel we forget to enjoy our all meals of the day or we have large meals. It’s alright as we are on vacation to enjoy our time. But at least we can try to have 3-4 meals a day in the same portions as you take in regular training days. It will give a proper feed to your progress (muscles or fat loss). Also, it will keep your habit alive and regular and you won’t feel any difficulty once you switch back to your normal routine again.

2. Stock Up Your Protein

Yes, stock up your protein.

Protein is the main nutrient which helps in building muscles. You can easily carry your peanut butter, whey protein, and protein bars with you in your travelling bag. The first thing in the morning can be a scoop of whey protein in water followed by 2 spoons of peanut butter one and a half to two hours later your breakfast.

Also, you will have choices to eat eggs, chicken and fish in your breakfast, lunch and dinner as these are easily available sources everywhere. These methods will easily fulfill your daily protein intake requirement and preserve your muscles from depletion.

3. Keep Low-Calorie Snacks

Keep some low calorie snacks with you so that while you get your snack time then you won’t end up eating more calories. You can have protein bars, protein chips, oats or whole grain biscuits, and low calorie mixtures.

Also, you can have nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews etc. for munching in snack time. These are not low calorie options but certainly the healthy ones.

4. Stick to Simple Meals

Sticking to simple meals won’t hamper your gains and eventually you won’t regret for being off track on your gym. If you are on fat loss diet then prefer to be on simple meals options which won’t hurt your fat loss gains.

You can add daal-roti, daal-rice, simple vegetable with roti, green salads etc.

5. If You Cheat then Balance Your Next Meal

Yes, I understand that you are on a holiday and want to enjoy and there are chances of having some cheat meals as well.

That is perfectly fine.

No issues in having cheat meals.

But, don’t convert that into cheat days which you may regret later.

You can still balance your calories if you had a cheat meal by making some balance in your next meals. Or you can skip your snacking part of the day if you really want your calories to be intact. 

6. Brief Before Order

It would always be good exercise if you can brief the waiter or server before ordering the food. Your brief can be according to your goals like less oily, or without oil and butter, less spicy, less sugar or no sugar etc.

Also, add a plate of green salad before consuming your main meal that will help you in eating less and help you maintain your physique on vacation.

7. Be in Caloric Deficit Before Holidaying

If you really want to enjoy your holidays without affecting your body growth then plan ahead of time and be in caloric deficit for a week or 10 days before your travel. This will give you a little more room and flexibility in your meals during the travel.

8. Body Weight Exercises

If you still wish to put some stress on your muscles in order to feel that pump which you have while exercising in gym then you can perform some body weight exercises like push-ups, pull ups, free squats, free lunges, crunches, leg raises, planks etc.

9. 70:30 Rule

Last but not the least, you can follow 70:30 rule in case of your diet on vacation. Well, the ideal rule defined is 80:20 but since you are on vacation and want to enjoy your trip then you can apply 70:30 rule (70% clean eating and 30 % flexible eating). It can vary plus minus 5% according to your goals, calorie counting and own flexibility.

Final Words

Well the ideal way is to enjoy good food, travel and relax your body on vacation. It won’t hamper much of your progress. But if you still want everything intact then it’s not at all difficult to maintain your muscles or to have your progress of fat loss unaffected while travelling for a week or 10 days then the above steps can be followed to preserve your gains and get your progress unaltered during the vacation. 

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