How To Start Your Fitness Journey

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It’s been often seen that we like to start something badly but not able to find the right time or right way for the same. Or you can say that we get puzzled about how to start.

The same is the case with your fitness journey.

You like to initiate

But don’t know how to begin.

Or where to start from?

So here is a step-by-step guide for you to begin your fitness journey today.

1. Goal

Many people don’t have a goal and the same reflects in the outcome they achieve. I have seen many people wasting their time in the gym as they consider the gym a place to pass time or show off.

So, in order to achieve an outcome, you need to decide on a goal for your fitness journey. It should be a step-by-step plan. For example- If you are an overweight individual, then your first aim should be to lose your extra weight or reduce the excess fat that your body is carrying.

2. Time

Jot down a time frame and break your BIG GOAL into small goals against the time frame in which you want to achieve. Always set realistic goals that you can achieve within the decided time interval. Don’t try to stretch yourself too much. It may hamper your interest within a few weeks.

3. Planning

Once you are done with setting up your goals and time frame, then chart out a plan around your goal. Now how to achieve the same?

You may choose whatever suits your fitness goal, be it taking a gym membership or Zumba or swimming or a personalized nutrition plan.

Planning supports increasing your efficiency. This also reduces the risk of failure and makes you more organized.

4. Start

Most of the people are only able to achieve the above-mentioned points but they are not able to come to the 4th one i.e. TO START.

In actuality, it is the first step to your fitness journey. If you won’t start then you won’t be able to achieve it. Start and make a routine to be followed religiously. Start today.

5. Track your Weekly Performance

It is really important to track your weekly performance in order to get motivated to achieve more.  Take your measurements (inches, weight, etc.) on the first day of your journey and then again measure yourself after a week.  It’s not only tracking of your weekly performance in the gym but it is the overall performance… whether you are eating clean, having balanced macros in your diet, sleeping on time, having a good water intake, etc.

You can make a daily journal to measure the above points.

6. Review

Review your results against your plans and goals. If you feel that you are not getting the desired results then review your goals and check if they are feasible.

Or if you are overestimating

Or if you are overambitious

Or if you are only impatient.

Constantly reviewing performance is important so that you can check whether you are on right track or not.

7. Work on the loopholes

Yes, fix the loopholes (if any) once you review your performance. It’s crucial to fix the mistakes every time because it will lead to your motivation factor. It will boost your confidence. It will give you the power and hunger to achieve more. Hence your performance will be effective.

8. Discipline

Fitness is considered to be the best process to be disciplined in life. When you try to become fit then you automatically put yourself on discipline mode.

Form a routine,

Add good habits,

Don’t waste time.

These are the keys to be disciplined. You need to be disciplined in every aspect, not just workout (exercise) or nutrition (diet). All forces will combine together to make you achieve your desired destination

9. Never Give Up

Firstly, it will seem difficult, and you will get a feeling of giving up. But wait for the results that will motivate you to continue. So, don’t quit, results will be awesome. You will set an example for others. Make your journey worth pursuing to inspire others. Once you get results and then fitness will become an addiction. So don’t give up. The destination is far but you will surely reach it as good things take time.

10. Reward yourself

In order to motivate yourself, it is important to reward yourself. It can be in any form.

I would prefer you to reward yourself with gym or fitness accessories that will encourage you to hit the gym and follow a fitness drill.

You can reward yourself by buying a good pair of gym shoes, wrist bands, resistance bands, pair of gym clothes, yoga mats, etc.


Reaching any goal in life requires planning, tracking, observation, correction and never give up attitude. The above 10 points will certainly be helpful in making you reach your desired destination. Start your fitness journey today and make the most of it. Please leave a comment if you like this article.

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