How to Stay Motivated in Your Weight Loss Journey

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As much as weight loss or fat loss is important in your life the same way it is important to stay motivated in your journey.

It’s always easy to start a task but it is hard to finish. And it is harder to maintain it.

Like success, it is easy to get but it’s difficult to maintain. Not everyone is able to sustain success.

You all must have heard of Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli

Many people say that Vinod Kambli was a more talented batsman as compared to Sachin Tendulkar but Sachin had always been consistent and humble and didn’t let the success climb to his head.

Today, we would talk about all factors that can make you stay motivated in your journey of weight/fat loss.

Here are some tips to get motivated to stay motivated

1. Aim to be consistent, not perfect

It applies to everything in life. You are only going to get results if you are consistent, and you will only be consistent if you enjoy the process. So don’t chase perfection because there is always a scope to grow.

2. Don’t set unrealistic goals

People do say that your goal should always be bigger. But it should not be achievable that’s why I would suggest you set realistic goals for yourself which can keep you motivated throughout your fat loss journey.

3. Start one habit at a time

Don’t just jump in to do or to achieve everything in one go. Give yourself one month to build 1 habit. So in one year, you will realistically be able to implement 10-12 habits. Trust me…..this can be life-changing. This will also motivate you to chase your fitness goals and keep your momentum high.

4. It’s ok to fall off track

Yes…. you have to aim for consistency but, being consistently good is better than inconsistently perfect. What I mean by this is to aim for 85-90% adherence. You can’t always be on track, it’s impossible to be perfect, it happens. You should get back on track as soon as possible and as soon as you realize the same.

5. Be a little flexible

Yes, you should not be rigid enough in your weight loss or muscle-building journey that you forget the taste of your favourite food items or you forget to enjoy the process. You can follow the 80:20 ratio in order to stimulate yourself to achieve your goals. This ratio applies everywhere whether it is about workouts or diet. In terms of diet, you can be a little flexible and have 80% clean eating and 20% flexible diet.

6. Keep it fun

Experiment with different ways of eating and moving. Pick what you enjoy and what works for you. It’s more important to enjoy the process than the outcome. Any process becomes a burden if you do not rejoice it. If you are enjoying your journey then nobody can stop you from reaching the destination. SO ENJOY. Always keep in mind that whatever you are doing is for being fit and to look always young.

7. Find a partner

It would always be a good idea to find a workout partner so that you have all the desire to be consistent as well as hungry for results. Working out becomes fun with a partner, it doesn’t get boring. Moreover, you will have a healthy competition that pushes you to perform better. If you have a good partner then he/she will also motivate and support you which eventually will make you more committed.

8. Results

Results always motivate people to do better. Once you have good results your inner self will automatically push you to strive for more. So wait with patience. If you are dedicated towards your goal, then you will definitely get the results. And as soon you achieve your first target; your motivation would get doubled for sure.

9. Discipline

Discipline is required everywhere in life to achieve success. Here, you need discipline in your routine which covers

A. Workout/ Exercise discipline

You have to be disciplined in your exercise routine. You can’t expect results by going only for few days or few weeks to the gym. You must have a proper routine for your workout activity be it gym, yoga, running, swimming, Zumba, etc. Proper routine means a set time, set duration of workout, set exercises for each day.

B. Nutrition/ Diet discipline

The same way you are required to be disciplined in your diet. Any workout without a proper diet won’t give you results. Diet really plays an essential role in achieving your goal of fat loss, muscle building, weight loss, etc. A proper diet routine means meal plan of every day, the gap between each meal, nutrition of each meal (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals), No junk, etc.

C. Rest/Sleep discipline

In order to grow your body for muscle building or weight loss sleep is again an integral part of your journey. If you stay awake for late or there is no set time for you to sleep then my dear you are wasting your workout and nutrition. The body needs proper time to recover. You need at least 7 hours of sleep if you are an active athlete or a workout person.

10.  Maintain a journal

Maintaining a journal will help you to be disciplined in all areas. You should maintain notes on the workout, diet (calories, macros, micros) ad your progress (fat loss or muscle building). This will definitely motivate you to pursue your goals.

11. Change in workout

This is necessary; if you follow the same kind of workout (same intensity) for the long term then your body will hit the plateau and it reaches to a point where you are not able to see improvement. So it’s really important to change your workout intensity by following progressive overload. Along with the same, you can change your exercises pattern to increase the resistance.

For Example-

Your current routine for the gym is

Monday- Chest

Tuesday- Shoulders

Wed- Cardio

Thu- Legs

Fri- Biceps

Sat- Triceps

Sunday- Rest

Then your new routine after 6-8 weeks can be

Mon- Legs & abs

Tue- Biceps & Triceps

Wed- Cardio & Abs

Thu- Shoulder & Traps

Fri- Chest & Triceps

Sat- Back & Biceps

Sun- Rest

Similarly, you can mix out your workout and accordingly fix your nutrition.


In order to achieve the desired destination, one must follow a good workout and have the right diet for a long duration of time if he or she is motivated. I won’t say that the above points will only help you to stay motivated in your weight loss or fat loss journey but this can be applied anywhere in life. Hope this will help. Please let me know in your comments about your motivation factors.


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