Top 10 Fitness Resolutions For 2021

Every year we take many resolutions to make our lives better.

Students resolution are commonly related to good studies, better percentage of marks, to get ranked in top 3 in the class etc.

A working individual might have resolutions like better job, promotion, achievement of targets, better performance etc.

Other people may look for good saving plans, buying a property, admitting their children in good schools or colleges etc.

Also, there are people who have fitness resolutions as well for New Year.

But, would having only a New Year resolution suffice the purpose?

Or would think about and jotting down your resolutions are sufficient?

Or would boast about your aspiration make you achieve your desired goal?

What is important?

Important is to keep calm and implement your plan to make your resolution a success.

Let’s look at the fitness resolutions you should have for the year 2021.

1. Weight Loss

This has been topping the fitness charts every year. I think highest number of people do opt for weight loss resolution every year.

Weight loss has been a common hurdle for a lot of people each year. Most of the people repeatedly choose to have the same aim for each year.

So, I would say not to keep the same task every time in your bucket.  Just go for it, kill the fat and achieve your desired weight.

2. Muscle Building

The second most prominent fitness resolution of the year 2021 is muscle building. Lots of people have aim to build muscles like 6 pack abs, 16 inches biceps, cobra back, muscular chest etc. in coming year. Muscle building is really a common goal among youngsters as they adore and get inspired from celebrities who have muscular physiques.

There is no harm in getting influenced with the celebrities of having a great body but I would say to keep it simple and be realistic in your expectations.

Every physique responds differently and that too also depends upon your training/ workout sessions and nutrition/ diet.

3. Transformation

Transform yourself by getting hooked to at least 1-2 fitness habits. No matter if you don’t have a goal to lose weight or to build muscle but alter yourself by sticking to a fitness regime. You will certainly get the desired transformation sooner or later.

It’s not necessary to measure your transformation from outside appearance. If you get the strength, feel healthy inside and awesome that’s where your transformation begins.

4. Eat Clean and Eat Healthy

A very few people have this goal in their list but to make yourself fit, you really need to change your eating habits.

As the culture of fast food is dominating, we are becoming helpless and surrendering ourselves to junk food. But remember if you want to lead a healthy life then you have to start eating clean and healthy.

Don’t completely give up on your favourite food but also try not to get overpowered with your junk cravings and end up eating crap.

So, Eat Clean, Be Healthy and Stay Positive.

5. Disease Free

I would say one of the most important resolutions for you in 2021 will be trying to get away of diseases.

When you are surrounded with heavy pollution, dirt and junk delicacies then how can you lead a healthy or disease free life.

How would it become possible?

It is possible.

You just need to be determined for the same.

What all is required?

Focus on your macros (Carbs, Protein and Fats) along with your micros (Vitamins and Minerals). Both the components are really necessary in order to lead a fit life.

Below is the small checklist for you to follow

Macro Checklist

Carbohydrates: Don’t consume (or have it occasionally) refined foods like white bread, white pasta, white rice, white sugar etc. instead replace the same with whole grain foods like whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potato etc.

Protein: It is an essential component which you need to have  every day. Try to meet the daily requirement of protein according to your lifestyle. You can consume the same from Milk, Paneer (Cottage Cheese), eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, legumes etc.

Fats: Limit your fat intake specially saturated fat (bad oils). Consume nuts, olive oil, avocado etc to meet your healthy fat requirements.

Water: Consider water into macros as it is consumed in large quantity. A healthy water intake is 3 litres per day which helps in flushing out toxins from body and provides other benefits as well.

Micro Checklist

Vitamins and Minerals: These are required to keep our internal system healthy and for better function of internal organs. You can get plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. So my recommendation is to include fruits and vegetables (especially raw) daily in your diet.

Along with the above checklist, limit your daily sugar intake, cut down on alcohol and processed food.

6. Discipline

In order to live a healthy life you have to keep yourself disciplined. Discipline means regulation in your eating habits, fitness routine, and lifestyle.

The best way to be disciplined is to get a membership of gym, yoga, swimming or any other physical activity which gets you hitched to a regime and would eventually help you in getting fit and smart.

7. Sleep

Fast paced lifestyle, technology and stress get you sleep deprivation which ultimately outcomes in decreased productivity, low energy levels, weight gain and bad health.

A Minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is essential to relax your body and mind.

8. To Learn More

Yes, to learn more, to acquire more, to gain more about fitness.

It is really crucial to learn so that you can apply and get results out of it. Once you acquire something and apply the same then it becomes easier to reach to your destination. This will motivate you to earn a healthy body and healthy life.

9. Motivate Others

In general life, we try to help others whenever we can. Here, due to this fitness resolution you can help others by motivating them for health and fitness.

If you are able to motivate 2-3 people this year for their wellness then this will inspire you as well to do better in life.

10. Don’t Give Up

Most of people take fitness resolutions and somewhere give up in the middle or in fact in the beginning of their journey. I totally agree that initially it is tough but it is worth pursuing. If you don’t give up soon it will become an addiction.

Your body deserves this addiction because it will definitely bring a better version out of you. So keep going…. the journey is a bit difficult yet beautiful.


You may have many resolutions for the year 2021 but I would recommend to at least have some fitness resolution as well to make yourself healthy and disease free. It starts from you, if you are healthy then only you will be able to achieve your other goals of life. Comment about your fitness resolution.

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