Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight

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Lots of people lookout for ways to lose weight but they often get confused about what to follow or what not to. Some have already found a solution for the same and some are still postponing the idea of being fit. In fact, many are not starting with a fear of being failed. But you simply can’t lose weight by just sitting and thinking over it. It requires a bit of effort.

Effort to decide

Effort to take action

Effort to take the first step

Effort to be dedicated

Effort to be consistent

Effort to achieve

So, let’s look at what all it takes to make you reach to your desired destination. First of all you need to put an effort to decide (what your goal is?) and to be firm on the decision you are taking.

Find your “B” destination (Where you want to reach from your present destination? Like you use google maps to reach from your destination to a particular location) and then put all your energies together to reach to your goal.

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So, here are my top 5 tips for you to lose weight and get in shape.

1. Workout

Get yourself engaged in some physical activity that helps you to reach to your B destination. Whether it is gym, yoga, swimming, aerobics etc. The physical activity requires you to shred out calories.

If you are really concerned about your increased weight then my advice is to go and have a membership of gym. Lifting weights is a fast way to burn calories. A good 45 minutes to 1 hour exercise helps you to burn a lot of calories and gives you a feel good factor as well.

2. Diet (Nutrition)

The second most important tip is your nutrition. Lifting weights in gym won’t help you unless you fix up your diet. While thinking of losing weight the first thought that comes to our mind is eating less. But you are only required to make changes in your eating habits. You need to eat right food.

Most of the people don’t understand the importance of their diet. Soon they get caught to a feeling of giving up. They start feeling that going to gym and exercising is not helping them and they are not able to lose weight.
Eating clean and balanced diet complements your workout efforts.

3. Drink, Drink and Drink

Along with exercise and diet, a good water intake helps you towards reaching your goal. If you are an active individual having a good workout every day and eating clean then your water intake should be in between 3 to 4 litres per day.

Less water intake may lead to cramps and joint problems. Water acts as a lubricant to the joints and helps in fat loss as well. So be sure about your water intake. Be hydrated.

4. Sleep

Enough about the efforts to lose weight… now give proper rest to your body. Get a sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours every day in order to get a good functioning of your body and brain. A good sleep helps your body to relax and recover.

5. Patience and Dedication

Yes, you read it right.

Patience and dedication….
Seems out the most difficult task but you can’t achieve any goal without it. You also took time to gain your weight and lots of bad eating habits so please don’t expect any overnight change or miracle to happen.

If you have taken 6 years to be fat then allow yourself at least a good 6 months to lose the fat.

Patience- you will reach your destination soon and
Dedication- you will make all the efforts to reach to your goal.

Final Words

Dedicate sometime for your body and keep yourself fit. Workout, diet, water, sleep and patience are the keys. You just need to make a small change in your routine and your life would be fabulous. So, take your first step today and see a transformation in your body as well as in life. Every small step would take you closer to your destination.
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