What All You Need to Lose Weight

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Increased weight is consistently pestering people now a days and they are looking for ways to shred extra weight. What do you think? Where do they lack? Let’s look at the approaches which have gone wrong in their life who are willing to reduce weight. Let us first fix the basic issues


Weight loss is a journey from being fat to fit and your journey should have a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Now it’s up to you whether you want your journey a goal or just a wish for you. Those who consider it as a plan can read below.

Ask yourself the basic 4 questions before starting your journey.

What do I want to achieve?

How would I achieve?

When do I achieve?

Do I have the resources to achieve?

The answers to these questions can be……..
What – You want to lose weight, you want to look handsome or beautiful, you want 28 inches waist, you want to look less than that of your age etc.

How- It is basically your action plan like what do you do to achieve your goal. Join gym and follow a proper diet and nutrition. You get yourself engaged in yoga, swimming, running etc.

When- This is actually where most of us get stuck. So there is no right time and every time is a right time to start. Don’t postpone, don’t wait for New Year, don’t wait for 1st of a month, and don’t wait for Monday in fact.
Last, you do have all the resources.

If all the answers are yes then let’s get started and kill the stubborn fat and show the world that nothing is impossible.

You are only 5 steps away from your goal.

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Let’s discuss one by one in detail…

Consistency (exercise and diet)

The first and foremost thing is to be consistent in your journey. You can’t dig a well in one day so you can’t get rid of your fat overnight. You really need to follow the discipline of exercise routine and diet. You should be addicted to a routine which will help you in reaching to your goal and make you a better person in life. Make a routine of hitting the gym at least 5 to 6 days a week, if it is not possible then at least 4 days a week are must. Also add the habit of clean eating. Eating clean is not only on exercise days but every day.


It takes a lot of effort in making/ building something special. It’s like making your dream home which takes time and being the owner of the home you should be patient enough. Similarly, your body is your home or temple which is taking time in shaping up.


You should have the confidence that you will bring out the best version of yourself and you can do it. Look at the people who have done it in past. Did you ever imagine that Adnan Sami would get slim one day but he did. That’s the confidence. See yourself in the mirror everyday at least 3-4 times and say yes, I can do it and I will do it. One day you will say Yes, I did it.

Constant Motivation

Of course constant motivation is required to pursue the goal of losing weight. You should have that fire in your belly which keeps you motivated to work out and eat clean. Look, what motivates you? Find at least 3 motivational reasons to keep going. Whether the fat loss journey of a celebrity, people who say you can’t do..like “beta tumse na ho paega”, your haters or your well-wishers, anybody.

I can tell you what really motivates me.


Yes, Results

I do keep a check on my weight and muscles every week and even an iota of achievement makes me to work hard and to achieve more.

Easy give up

The easiest thing to do is to give up and the give up philosophy really grows when you don’t have all the above reasons in place. So, don’t give up. It’s the time to show the world that you are a hero and you will definitely achieve your goal.

Final words

Well, it’s a combination of plan, consistency, patience, confidence and motivation. Make a checklist of all and review it every day and ask yourself am I lacking somewhere. I must not and I am not lacking anywhere. Go, break the shackles of fear of failure and enjoy each step of your weight loss journey. I hope till now you get enough motivated to start it immediately. Leave a comment how helpful this article is. Feel free to ask your queries about health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss/fat loss, muscle building, fitness, meal plans etc. Also, comment what would you like to read next .

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