7 Reasons Why Fitness is Important

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What is Fitness?

Well, you can look at the definition of fitness at Wikipedia.

But my definition of Fitness is all about being a BETTER VERSION of you.

Fitness is an ADDICTION

Fitness is an EMOTION

Fitness is a PASSION


Fitness is SELF ESTEEM


Fitness is MUCH MORE….

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But nowadays people don’t seem to be inclined towards fitness. Eating junk outside, weekend parties, boozing culture is prevailing.

But fitness is equally important along with other aspects which are required to have a better livelihood.

Ditch your excuses of not being able to find out time for your health and fitness. It doesn’t matter whether you are a busy professional or an entrepreneur, you won’t be able to succeed with an unhealthy body or mind. Your professional success is also linked to your health.   

In order to enjoy a great life, you should also find out time for your fitness regime.

There are “n” numbers of benefits of having good fitness.

1. Reduce The Risk of Diseases

The most important benefit is to reduce the possibility of diseases. When you are physically fit not just from outside but inside as well then you are at low risk of being seized to diseases. You can avoid the threat of having serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol which is highly prevalent in India.

2. Energetic

Physical fitness helps you feel vibrant and energetic. The feeling which you have after a good workout session is beyond words. On the other hand, when you have an inactive lifestyle you always feel exhausted and sleepy. So keep yourself fit to have a sparkling and enthusiastic experience of life.

3. Young and Confident

Your fitness level determines your confidence. It enhances the overall look and helps you keep looking younger than that your actual age. When you are dedicated to your fitness, you feel more fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day.

A good exercise pattern and proper diet have a positive effect on brain function. It increases blood flow to the brain and boosts one’s brain function as well.

4. Discipline

It’s like developing a skill you want to get proficiency in, which requires continuous practice and iteration. Everything falls in place once you have a good fitness regime.

You eat clean and exercise regularly which eventually becomes a part of a healthy lifestyle.

You have clear goals in your mind along with the execution plan.

You know your weakness and have all the reasons to work on the same and many more.

5. Weight Loss

You can say weight loss is the second definition of fitness but it’s not complete without having balanced eating habits.

The first step towards your physical fitness is shredding out extra weight. To lose the extra weight you need to burn more calories than you consume every day. Also, it is a combination of exercise (workout) and nutrition (diet). A good workout and a nutritious diet help you to get rid of extra kilos.

Along with the maintenance of your weight, fitness also helps you feel bright, healthy, and vibrant.

6. Balanced Lifestyle

The more fit you are, the more balanced life you have. You spend a good time with your family along with your work.

Fitness improves the functioning of your brain which uplifts your mood and makes you happy. It also lowers down your stress level, enhances memory, and helps you get a sound sleep.

7. Benchmark for Next Generation

Children are quite hooked to electronic gadgets these days. They rarely have outdoor activities which result in a lack of physical and mental development.  Also, childhood obesity is quite common nowadays which results in getting seized to early age diseases.

Your fitness routine motivates your children for outdoor activities and you can also spare time to play outdoor games with them.

Final Words

Each day is a new opportunity to improve you. If you strive for the best then you realize what you are today is far better than yesterday. So keep yourself fit and healthy to lead a great life. Leave a comment below.

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